Barrel Racing

Arlee is proud of our rodeo hertiage!

    • Judy Myllymaki, P.R.C.A. and NFR qualifer and many regional championships.
      Rachael Myllymaki, many times NFR qualifier, national college all around cowgirl and many regional championships.
  • About Barrel Racing

    In Barrel Racing, the fastest time will win. It is not judged under any subjective points of view, only the clock. Barrel Racers in competition at the professional level must pay attention to detail while maneuvering at high speeds. Precise control is required to win. The rider is allowed to choose either the right or left barrel as their first barrel but must complete the correct pattern, allowing for turn changes depending on whether they are on the right or left lead. Running past a barrel and off the pattern will result in a "no time" score and disqualification. If a barrel racer or her horse hits a barrel and knocks it over there is a time penalty of five seconds, which usually will result in a time too slow to win. There is a sixty second time limit to complete the course after time begins.

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