Steer Wrestling

Arlee is proud of our rodeo hertiage!

    • Billy Schall R.C.A1950-1960
      Teddy Schall R.C.A. 160-1974
      Bobby Schall P.R.C.A and many other regional association champion 1970-1990. Linderman award winner. College all around champion
  • About Steer Wresting

    The preferred method of wrestling the steer to the ground is to lean from the galloping horse which is running beside the steer, transferring the weight of the upper body to the neck of the steer, with one hand on the near horn of the steer and the far horn grasped in the crook of the other elbow. One then lets the horse carry his feet by the steer until his feet naturally fall out of the stirrups. The steer wrestler then slides with his feet turned slightly to the left, twisting the head of the steer toward one by pushing down with the near hand and pulling up and in with the far elbow. Finally the steer wrestler lets go of the near horn, and puts the steer's nose in the crook of his left elbow, and throws his weight backwards causing the steer to become unbalanced and fall to the ground.

    Rules of steer wrestling include: The bulldogger's horse must not break the rope barrier in front of it at the beginning of a run, but must wait for the animal escaping from the adjacent chute to release the rope. Breaking the rope barrier early adds a 10 second penalty to the bulldogger's time. If the steer stumbles or falls before the bulldogger brings it down, he must either wait for it to rise or help it up before wrestling it to the ground. If the bulldogger completely misses the steer on his way down, he will receive a "no time".  Typical professional times will be in the range of 3.0 to 10 seconds from the gates opening to the waving of the flag.

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